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Jigging machine

Jigging machine

[ Capacity ]: 2-20 t/h

[ Applicable Material ]:

Jigging machine is one of key gravity mining equipment in mining. Mineral with gravity specifics will be easily separated from debris and sand&dirt.It is also called sawtooth jigger or moving screen jigger.

Jigging machine is mainly used for processing tungsten,tin,antimony,alluvial goal ,manganese ore,lead-zinc mine,lapis lazuli,barit,fluorite ore,pyrite,limonite,hematite and other metal and nonmetal materials.It is very effective to process and recycle the slag of silicon manganese,ferrochrome,nickel and other metal smelting iron .

Working principle:

The basic composition of jigger is jigging chambers, also called jigging boxes, and there are screens in each chamber.Water and raw ore will be fed from one end of the jigger screen, the ore granules will move in the vertical alternative water-flows. Layers will be formed because of density difference of materials. The minerals with small density will be in the up layer and will flow together with the up pulp flow while material with bigger density will be in the down layer and will discharged from the down discharging port as jigging concentrate.


1.High concentration ratio and high recovery

2.Easy to install, operate and maintain

3.The pulsation curve is saw-tooth wave shape facilitate heavy

4.Can achieve a good result in processing such as placer gold, mineral to settling

5.Saving water 30-40% than ordinary jig

6.The pulsation speed very easily adjusted by regulator

Type Model Jig room containing the surfac shape Jig room Stroke data Divide Max. feeding size (mm) capacity (t/h) water consumption (t/h) Power (kw)
Chang* Wide (mm) Single room (m²) Rows Room number With a total area of (m²) Stroke (mm) Chong times (times /mm)
Lateral drive LTP-34/2 Rectangle 450*300 0.135 Single 2 0.27 0.58 2-5 320-420 12 2-10 4-10 1.1
Bottom drive LTA-1010/2 Rectangle 1000*1000 1 Single 2 2 0.5 0-25 250-350 5 5-15 10-20 2.2
Side drive LTC-69/2 Rectangle 900*600 0.54 Single 2 1.08 0.56 0-50 220-350 12 6-9 40-60 1.5
Side drive 2LTC-366/8T Trapezoid 600*(300-600) 0.2-0.34 Double 8 2.16 0.68-0.41 0-50 120-300 5 3-6 20-40 1.1*2
Side drive 2LTC-6109/8T Trapezoid 900*(600-1000) 0.58-0.86 Double 8 5.76 0.52-0.35 0-50 120-300 5 10-20 80-120 2.2*2
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