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Wet pan mill

Wet pan mill

[ Capacity ]: 3-40 tph

[ Applicable Material ]:

Wet pan mill is excellent equipment which can instead of ball mill. It is perfect equipment for medium sized company and small enterprises.

The wet grinding pan mill is mainly used for separating gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, antioumy and so on.

Working principle:

1.Firstly the motor will transmit the motive power to pulley, then under the drive of speed reducer, make the central driving shaft do fast rotating.
2.Secondly, the central shaft drives the horizontal shaft, and finally to the grinding roller.
3.The grinding roller can not only revolution by the horizontal shaft but also can revolve on its axis, at the same time, the basin and grinding base remain still. The feeding materials will be pressed, rubbed and grinding in the grinding base repeatedly.
4.If the process is for gold, you need to add mercury to crab the gold in the bottom of the basin. Grinding, pressing, and rubbing, then the final gold and mercury will always stay in it, and the waste slurry will be overflow out from the discharging gate. Finally, stop the machine and collect the gold and mercury, you can choose manual work to shake it or shaking table, small pan to collect high-degree gold.
5.But is for else ore, like Pb, Zn, Sb, Mo, Fe, etc. It is easier. You should add nothing except raw material to the grinding base, after pressing, rubbing and grinding, the fine products will float on it then passing through the overflow discharging gate to concentrate tank.


1. Small invest, hihg output

2. Godd efficiency and easy installation

3. An ideal beneficiation equipment for small and medium-sized enterprise.

Model 1600 1400 1300 1200 1100 1000 900
Dia.of grinding wheel (mm) 1600±10 1400±10 1300±10 1200±10 1100±10 1000±10 900±10
Thickness of grinding wheel(mm) 400±20 250±20 250±20 200±20 200±20 200±20 160±20
Dia.of grinding pan (mm) 2100±30 2000±30 2000±30 1800±20 1800±20 1800±20 1700±20
Thickness of grinding pan (mm) 200±10 170±10 150±10 90±10 90±10 90±10 80±10
Width of grinding pan (mm) 360 360 360 230-250 230-250 230-250 170-220
Power (kw) 30 15 15 7.5 5.5 5.5 3
Rotary speed (r/min) For extract gold: 10-13    other: 18-22
Input size (mm) < 30
Capacity (t/day) Gold 20 Gold 20 Gold 15 Gold 10 Gold 8 Gold 5 Gold 3
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