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Double Roller Crusher

Double Roller Crusher

[ Capacity ]: 10-85 t/h

[ Applicable Material ]:

Double roller crusher is mainly used for secondary and fine crushing materials with soft or middle hardness like coal, coke,limestone etc.

Limestone,coal,coke,clinker, granite, basalt, cement, brick, tile,building material etc

Working principle:

The materials to be crushed fall from the feeding mouth to the space between the two rolls.After being squeezed and crushed, the final products will naturally fall. When there are too hard materials or materials that cannot be crushed, the rolls of the roller crusher will automatically withdraw under the effect of hydraulic cylinder or spring to increase the gap between the rolls, and the too hard materials or the materials that cannot be crushed will fall down.Thus protecting the machine from being damaged. There is a certain gap between the two rolls that rotate at the opposite direction, and the maximum discharging granularity of the final products can be controlled by changing this gap. Double roller crusher's the materials by relying on the two round rollers rotating at the opposite direction, and four-roll crusher crushes the materials by relying on the two pairs of round rollers rotating at the opposite direction.


1.The rollers is wear-resisting chromium molybdenum copper alloy with long service.
2.The gap between the rollers is adjustable, so that the output size and capacity will be changed accordingly.
3.This crusher is equipped with motorless scraper. When the raw material has high moisture content, it can avoid to affect the output size and avoid sticking the roller or blocking the machinehe.
4.According to requirement, it could be in flat roller or toothed roller.


Model Roller Diameter (mm) Roller Length (mm) Feeding Size (mm) Output Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw)
2GP-400X250 400 250 ≤ 25 1-8 5-10 5.5*2
2GP-500X450 500 450 ≤ 30 1-15 10-20 11*2
2GP-610X400 610 400 ≤ 40 1-20 13-35 15*2
2GP-750X500 750 500 ≤ 40 2-20 15-40 18.5*2
2GP-800X600 800 600 ≤ 40 3-20 20-50 22*2
2GP-1000X500 1000 500 ≤ 120 3-20 30-60 37*2
2GP-1100X600 1100 600 ≤ 150 3-20 50-80 37*2
2GP-1000X1000 1000 1000 ≤ 120 3-20 60-80 45*2
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