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How to install limestone raymond mill

  2019-06-12 11:17:04

Baichy Machinery is mainly engaged in raymond mill for more than 15years. Our machine has been used in many Chinese cities and foreign countries. Raymond mill is used for grinding the barite, limestone, kaolin, cement, slag, etc. The features of small footprint, high automation, high yield, raymond mill is popular by the majority of users. This week, one set of complete limestone raymond mill machine was ship to Qingdao Port.

We have rich experience in raymond mill plant, such as installation, debug, problem during working etc. If client needs to help install and training, we will assign professional engineer to customer site. If clilent wants to install by themselves, we will send drawing and provide technical support. So, how to install limestone raymond mill plant correctly please?

limestone mill plant.jpg

In preparation stage, you should do as follows:

1. Before installation, please try best to avoid sun-scorched and rain-drenched to protect main machine body, and also have good maintenance solution.

2. Please make sure that workshop and foundation size have enough height and installation location, main grinding mill foundation should adopt high quality cement with reinforcing steel bar. When cement foundation is ready, it need 15 days maintenance period.

3. It should match high capacity lifting and crane tool for installation and maintenance.

All preparations are ready, let’s begein to install limesetone raymond mill now.

1. Firstly please put reducer into pit, control a certain height and center position, then using gradienter to adjust, and put foundation bolt into preformed hole.

2. Position and height of pipeline should be installed according to general drawing, it is not allowed for changing or heightening. The connection for different pipeline should have seal design, air leakage is not allowed after fastening.

3. Electrical equipment it has to be reliable and accurate, please do trial running after finishing installation of all parts.

Next time ,we will continue to talk about how to debug raymond mill machine.

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