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Good bye 2018, Hello 2019

  2018-12-29 16:13:06

How time flies, it is 12/29, nearly end day of 2018. When I write down these words, all the events of this year came to my mind. As a summarize, I will write down all the things to sum up experience and lessons of 2018. Hope we could keep the good and eliminate the bad to get better development in the New Year 2019.

Event 1-Huge changes in market demand

What’s most remarkable issue by mining industries is huge changes in market demand. Mobile stone crusher is more and more popular in 2018. At beginning of 2018, we get several orders about mobile stone crushers at same time. From those oders, more clients like mobile machine, due to flexible feature, low cost, short time installation on stie etc., Mobile crushing station is shining brilliantly in 2018

mobile stone crusher.jpg

Event 2-New type machine is developed

We are not only a factory, but also an enterprise with r&d team.As for the dressing equipment, we made large ball mill with ceramic liner, ball mill with rubber liner,the three-cylinder sand dryer etc. These equipment were produced, shipped, tested and installed in this year. We experienced pain and laughter in the process. The thump-up from client is the most award for us.

Ball mill.jpg

Event 3- Attend exhibitions

We attend three exhibitions In 2018- China-Afria Expo in Kenya, Bauma Conexpo in Shanghai and Bauma Conexpo in India. Our company and products are well-known by more and more people. The friendliness and warmth of Africans and the professionalism and caution of Indians have provided us with ideas for future marketing programs and negotiation skill. After coming back from the exhibition, we have just signed two contracts with the customer after professional negotiation and follow-up after coming back from exhibitons.

Baichy exhibition.jpg

Event 4- Follow government policy and ensure delivery date too

In order to protect the environment, the government has increasingly strict requirements on the environmental protection of production enterprises. Factories are often inspected and rectified by the government, and production time is sometimes reduced.We explained to the customer in advance and still tried our best to meet the customer's delivery requirements.Here, thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Stone crusher delivery.jpg

Event5 - Rich and varied amusement

In addition to the intense work, we also have rich entertainment activities, company dinner, karaoke, travel, Christmas party and so on. Christmas party is the most interesting, we play Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, showing and gussing etc. Eating, drinking, playing, laughing a lot of joy fullfill everyone.

Baichy party.jpg

No matter joy or quarrel, no matter sweat or tears, 2018 has passed and the new year 2019 is coming, we will continue to work hard. Come on ,2019!

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